3 Doors Down
Us and the Night

Longplay is heard is amazing...

March 11 saw a light fresh plate from 3 Doors Down, the Us and the Night. New 11 songs came on Republic Records.

Finally all 3 Doors Down fans can breathe calmly, because the release of sixth studio album. To say that the work had been expected - nothing to say. Long 5 years have passed since the release of Time Of My Life, and here it is - the Us and the Night.

Whether it is a trend, whether growing up musicians to deviate from the previously beloved style in more classical kind of genres. Anyway, Us and the Night on their sound shifted even more towards hard rock. Clearly and unequivocally what left and there were fans from 3 Doors Down, namely the merger of post-grunge and alternative rock, but the sound you guys a few changed in another direction.

In the recording of the Us and the Night was attended by two new members of the gang, who took the position of lead guitarist and bassist. Who's who, and the new musician Chris Roberts, guitarist, made a significant contribution to the overall sound and style fresh plates. Longplay is heard is amazing and fresh. Emotions are boiling after listening to Us and the Night, instantly overlap malice on the group for the long silence. All tracks are dynamic and memorable, just open disc song called The Broken.

But all this is just lyrics, so take your time to hear fresh studio plate from 3 Doors Down and share your comments with your friends and other people. Pleasant listening!

15.03.2016 14:12:32

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3 Doors Down
Us and the Night

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