Aaron Lewis

Nice and simple melodies pour insanely fast.

Aaron Lewis has released a new disc called a Sinner. The album was released on 16 September at Dot Records and has 11 tracks.

After a musical epic composed of gangs of Staind came to an end, Aaron Lewis didn't bother finishing his musical Affairs and went in solo sailing. Actually, the Sinner became famous musician the second full-length solo album.

Aaron Lewis a few years ago found himself in country and country rock music and the Sinner once again it showed. At first glance, the Sinner can be called orthodox country rock album, but all the details on the disc, "Sinner" are so important and valuable, perhaps, it is different. Indescribable charisma author importunately of each track, making it memorable and special. Nice and simple melodies pour insanely fast, making the disc is extremely simple and easy to understand. Remain indifferent to such work can only be someone who doesn't like the aforementioned genres.

The author of the Sinner knows a lot about music and not shy to talk with the audience about the many everyday things the average person, that will be familiar to everyone. The disc is extremely catchy and pleasant. And even despite a tendency to leave the country in solo performers creativity, Aaron Lewis succeeded better than anyone.

Aaron Lewis with his new studio work definitely got you Sinner with his simple but enjoyable tracks. Get in the mood of American music of freedom together with Aaron Lewis. Pleasant listening!

16.11.2016 16:59:08

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Aaron Lewis

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