Mechanisms of Omniscience

There was no room for songs about love...

Mechanisms of Omniscience Abnormality has fresh studio album, which was released April 29 on Metal Blade Records. Longplay contains 10 songs.

American gang from Boston, Massachusetts that, things went drastically up the Hill after their fairly successful studio debut, and after signing with Metal Blade Records and release the second full-length record, even more so.

If not visually see collective Abnormality, it is easy to think that the microphone is a strong man, but you are guaranteed a genuine surprise, after news that such extreme technology of itself retrieves a fragile girl.

Mechanisms of Omniscience, as previous studio works Abnormality, is a mix of technical death metal and brutal death metal. The lyrics of the new LP topics such as death, conspiracy theory and science fiction. As far as an integral part, instrumental here, however, as before, there was no room for songs about love. Compositions overflowing with anger and aggression, dynamics and aesthetic horror. Incredibly fast and intricate guitar riffs will please fans of such bands as Skinless, Deeds of Flesh, and Suffocation.

Abnormality and their new studio recording Mechanisms of Omniscience demonstrates how metal machine is gaining momentum and not a Word, but in deed attempting to lure fresh listeners to show this heavy music. All in the best tradition of death metal school, enjoy!

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Mechanisms of Omniscience

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