Above & Beyond
Acoustic II

Came the turn for the acoustic format...

Acoustic II was Above and Beyond the new longplay, which came out June 3 at Ultra Records and contains 13 tracks.

British electronic trio Above & Beyond earlier this summer I rejoiced all his fans a fresh portion of music. Above and Beyond conventional experimentalists, so with the release of Acoustic II anybody especially not surprised major genre change. Fans will remember that previous Studio album We Are All We Need, released a year earlier, was done in the spirit of progressive trance and progressive house. But came the turn for the acoustic format, which culminated in the actual Acoustic II. Here hardened musicians incorporated into consideration everything that is done in the first part of the album and continued the path of pop, rock and downtempo.

Fresh 13 songs performed in a soft and surprisingly unusual format songs easily perceived, and the whole is made consistent and longplay no prolonged. It turned out that a series of LPs Acoustic like fans not just no less than basic electronic longplay. Two parallel musical history in one project really are amazing. Acoustic II from a number of those records that you want to get acquainted personally. Continued studio epic turned out no worse than the first part and apparently, all of us someday overtake fate listeners third part Acoustic. On this positive note I want to just note that the album is sure to be of interest to those listeners who do not like the main landmark of creativity Above and Beyond. Pleasant listening!

12.07.2016 13:15:07

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Above & Beyond
Acoustic II

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