After The Burial
Dig Deep

Dig Deep turned out to be extremely powerful, but quite predictable...

After The Burial, released his new album called Dig Deep. Studio work consists of 9 tracks, which took place on February 19 Records Sumerian.

Dig Deep for the American metal band fifth studio album and the first work which was released without the Group's co-founder Justine Lowe. Many fans of musical formations, which around the world quite an impressive amount of viability, that After The Burial will someday be able to release at least one more album. Such pessimistic thoughts were triggered by the premature death of Lowe.

Despite this, Trent Hafdahl Pala burden as the sole composer and guitarist. Actually, turning to immediate description of the plates, it is noteworthy that Dig Deep turned out to be extremely powerful, but quite predictable. For all tracks, feels familiar manner of performance of the American Quartet already.

For someone can be a disappointment, and for some, and vice versa, but as fact to Dig Deep After The Burial pit guitar, continuing to draw their inspiration from various math metal commands, in particular, Meshuggah.

One of the upper tracks of the disc became a composition entitled Lost in the Static, which relatively recently released video work. After the first auditions 9 fresh songs, there is a clear awareness that from the melodic guys went in the direction of the groove that, in principle, cannot fail to delight.

Dig Deep liking all those who enjoy such stylistic branch as progressive metalcore with out deathcore elements and progressive metal.

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After The Burial
Dig Deep

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