Artificially Automated

Similar to space travel expanses...

Aiur released a new album, called Automated Artificially. The album consists of 10 tracks, which took place on 5 November at the musicians own label.

History of the musical duo Aiur was highly unusual not least because both are fans of the computer game StarCraft, which in fact affected the title formation.

Automated Artificially for the Americans was the second longplay, where they continue to play with his sound. If we speak roughly and in outline, then Artificially Automated, as in principle the entire oeuvre of the duo, you can select multiple musical styles - electronic and rock elements of the genre.

The album is absolutely and completely instrumental, this is the whole meaning and promise music that make the Aiur. Instrumental duo is absolutely unique in its format. When listening to Artificially Automated, there is a distinct impression that when writing of a track, composers were influenced by certain genres and their representatives, therefore the longplay then flashes breakbeat/breaks, synthpop, and so on. As for atmosphere and mood, then all this is similar to a multi-million dollar space travel expanses - unusual first time extremely interesting, but subsequently, strange and not clear. You can say only one thing clearly, will find its audience and someone who loves to experiments that are sometimes controversial.

25.11.2015 19:20:35

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Artificially Automated

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