Lunatic Lullabies

A fresh look at hardcore foundations of rock music...

Alchemia released a new Studio album called Lunatic Lullabies. The album was released on March 1 on his own label group and has 11 tracks.

Very rarely occur musical events come from distant Iceland. Alchemia interrupted the silence of a small island with his loud and fresh release. It is noteworthy that all the songs included in the Lunatic Lullabies, Sung in English.

Unfortunately, Alchemia have quite modest fan base, despite the fact that they work with the year 2008. We hope that after the release of Lullabies, the Lunatic guys will go uphill, because here there is much to marvel at. Sample hard rock and alternative metal sound, seasoned with a pinch of stoner metal, particularly audible on the track Psycho Killer. However, tags here by and large didn't say you must partake personally Lullabies Lunatic and feel to the North and sometimes unseemly, in the good sense of the word, the atmosphere. The mood of the LP is really unusual.

Alchemia themselves claim that inspiration among other famous musical formations, namely, Metallica, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath. By the way, from the latest rock classics, Alchemia partially borrowed atmosphere one can catch on some tracks. So the fans here.

Unusual and very interesting fresh release from Icelandic team called Lunatic Lullabies Alchemia will interest those who want to see a fresh look at hardcore foundations of rock music.

25.03.2016 10:22:29

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Lunatic Lullabies

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