Under the Red Cloud

Ancestral Vikings could not release a blank musical work...

Amorphis release fresh album, which received the name Under the Red Cloud. Longplay consists of 12 tracks, which took place on 4 September through Nuclear Blast Records.

Under the Red Cloud for the Finnish team became the 13-th musical work in the discography. Probably that no one is no longer a secret that Amorphis have long departed from the classical combination of death-doom metal and folk metal, in the wilds of progressive metal, melodic death metal, with a taste of gothic metal. These stylistic framework and made fresh and conceptual work from the rigors of the Vikings. Of course, references to earlier work Under the Red Cloud is present, but in very low numbers and format.

Creating Under the Red Cloud, Amorphis again pursued the idea of recreating the past. This means that the fresh album, as well as on several previous, musicians virtually the entire lyrics dedicated to Finnish folk legends and fabrications. As previously mentioned, being the original Vikings, musicians could not release a blank musical work. Invest in her message, the mystical idea and accompany this epic, ductile and melodic riffs, is a priority, which is Under the Red Cloud was more than full.

In fact, the latest album from Amorphis is extremely good. Meets us composition under the same name of the album, perhaps it is this track and is the quintessence of all that mystically beautiful, that is in the plate. In the darkest song with the title Death of a King, which is filled with dark melodies, and heavy guitar riffs. For dessert, Finnish musicians submit for us the last three tracks that overwhelms a copious amount of clean vocals and beautiful melodies.

Placing a small summary, I would like to say that Under the Red Cloud, of course, is a decent work in team history, one remains ambiguous moment the fact that this longplay took the lion's share of folk motifs, and does not mean that Amorphis are returning to the roots? Solve, of course, you, dear listeners. And now let's enjoy the Nordic metal.

21.09.2015 05:49:08

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Under the Red Cloud

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