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Anacondaz is a true revelation of modern life...

Insider tales the new work team Anacondaz, which took place on 24 September in the Invisible. Longplay consists of 15 fresh tracks.

Now the Moscow team unusual format of Anacondaz recorded and released a new studio work, which became the fourth longpleem in the history of the gang. How fast is running time just today Anacondaz recorded their debut album, who literally tore all the templates in the music environment, but take away all the sentimentality and dive into the album.

Guys have prepared this time, 15 tracks, the style which has not changed since the previous album hip-hop/rap, alternative. The musicians themselves long ago to imagine a shortcut which comedians were in a fairly humorous form of ridicule vices modern humans and other elements of everyday life of the young individual. The guys continue to make jokes not only in their texts, but also in the musical arrangements, which costs only chorus in the me, me, me with his very vocal effect world trend tv hip-hop.

Be careful, Anacondaz on insider Stories have not abandoned sound effect, which best describes some situations being considered by the team. On the disc, this time as guest performers featured Sasha Rap and Zimavsegda.

Insider Tales from Anacondaz is a true revelation of modern life. The disc is extremely interesting from both an instrumental and a text part. New longplay from Moscow definitely will take its place in your top, so be prepared to unrestrained sound, full of truth.

30.09.2015 11:27:39

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Байки инсайдера

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