Animals As Leaders
The Madness Of Many

If you like technical, expressive, sci-fi music...

The Madness Of Many became the new studio work for the staff of Animals As Leaders. The album was released November 11 on Sumerian Records and consists of 10 tracks.

Animals As Leaders was extremely controversial phenomenon in the world of modern heavy music. Many accuse song gang in the absence of extreme sophistication and soul of the composer's ideas, however, remain silent about the release of the fourth album Americans simply cannot.

The Madness Of Many listener requests its all the same familiar progressive metal with elements of fusion and not only. And yes, it is noted that the new disc still instrumental absolutely and completely. The Madness Of Many turned out to be even more intense and deep. Tosin Abasi and company famously to create complex rhythmic patterns. The unique technique of musicians is the main hallmark of Animals As Leaders, and a new album, respectively.

Of unpleasant moments I'd like to mention that The Madness Of Many, unlike its predecessor studio The Joy of Motion, and even more so Weightless, turned out to be less memorable. This can be attributed to the excessive technicality, however, according to music charts, The Madness Of Many for such a small term from the moment of release, greater success.

If you like technical, expressive, sci-fi music heavy nature, we recommend to pay attention to The Madness Of Many of the famous American trio of Animals As Leaders. Pleasant listening!

13.01.2017 11:35:36

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Animals As Leaders
The Madness Of Many

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