All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

The British avoided copy itself...

Architects have released fresh longplay, entitled All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. It was released on Epitaph may 27 and has 11 songs.

British band, constantly growing momentum in the music field, released its seventh full-scale work. Architects have painted a fairly interesting tradition, which is to produce every two years a fresh album. Surprisingly the British escaped to copy itself, which is surprising even for their genre. By the way, the result was that around the last three plates of musicians nothing new has been introduced in their own music and continue to play almost pure progressive metalcore.

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us absorbed all of the work on the bugs, as well as all the positive qualities of the composers group. Whatever the thinking music critics find fault with the disc, nothing comes out. Indeed, the flight of composer's thoughts on All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us tall enough, tracks play nice and they strongly remembered even despite the fact that sometimes the riffs seem overtly complex and confusing. In addition, you must give credit to Sam Carter himself, who does all the years vocal work for Architects. With regular Studio album, Brit coped superbly. Despite the fact that it uses in its extreme vocal techniques, lyric disassemble not is practically no labour.

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us from Architects is definitely for you if you want to know what is happening at the moment in the premier league of heavy music.

01.06.2016 11:21:48

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All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

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