The False Foundation

It's a real musical thriller...

Archive 7 October released fresh release titled The False Foundation. It was released on Dangervisit and consists of 10 new songs.

The London team released post-jubilee, 11-th studio work that best reflects the huge experience of the members of the group. At this point in the Archive are participating musicians 10 at least 4 of which are directly compose. Thanks to such a broad composition, music Archive is so diverse and unpredictable.

The same thing happened with the new album and The False Foundation. From the beginning to the end of the album you will not be able to anticipate developments. The album is incredibly fascinating and even magical, especially with regard to sound The False Foundation. On the last album Archive can be characterized as a mix consisting of trip hop, alternative rock and progressive rock. Most notably in the structures of the compositions and the overall concept of the tracks.

The mood of The False Foundation also varies greatly from song to song, and generally after the first listening it is difficult to draw up an opinion on this. Anyway it is more than Nice after all pacifiers in the market already in short supply.

Archive with its new album The False Foundation will introduce you to a screeching halt and would not relax for a second. It's a real musical thriller, who must enjoy a large number of listeners. Great longplay from known gang. Pleasant listening!

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The False Foundation

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