Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman

The album is unusually light and expressive...

Ariana Grande has released its new studio work, which was called Dangerous Woman. The album was released on May 20 on Republic Records and includes 15 songs.

22-year-old American singer has released the fresh album Dangerous Woman, who took third place in the discography of the singer. Following modern trends and personal growth changing and music the Ariana Grande. Dangerous Woman stylistically, as before, is a mix of pop and r'n'b music, but on the reinvented notion and more fresh.

The title and composition of the same Dangerous Woman instantly case shows a new creative level of young performers. The song definitely stands out among the other superbly catchy chorus and extremely fresh arrangements. Certainly, other tracks deserve individual, but wanted to point out the unconditional leader and favorite new LP.

Ariana Grande great has worked on her own vocals, which also clearly audible on the Dangerous Woman. When checking out Dangerous Woman need to realize that the devil is in the details. It is focusing on the details of the plate it is possible to catch wind of change the Ariana Grande.

The third album by American singer turned out to be an unusually light, not intrusive, expressive and with elements of dance music, though from here quite a bit. Dangerous Woman bound to be interesting not only to fans of the singer and similar music, but also those who simply is looking for something fresh and professional. Pleasant listening!

21.05.2016 10:11:43
Genres: Pop, R'n'B

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Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman

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