Ariana Grande
My Everything

Ariana is committed to ensuring that the public is primarily valued her music...

It appears that the Government intends to prepare for the role of successful Grande pop singer since childhood. Already at the age of fifteen she sang in a Broadway musical, then in another, starred in the tv series the Nickelodeon channel, then another one... and then started a solo singer. And here's the Sub-total to twenty one year Ariana Grande has two, Missouri (both visited the American charts), and one EP, two nominations at the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and the MTV Video Awards, some 6.

What can I say about My Everything? This is a solid product. To exclude the possibility of failures (which would be any place in the charts, except the first one), the producers secured themselves star special guests: Iggy Azalea, Big Sean (current Ariana's boyfriend), Nikky Minaj. And the Ariana with its vocal range of four octaves is not Raven finds is difficult to fault the quality. His main musical influence of Grande calls Whitney Houston, adding to it the Madonna, Christina Aguilera and destiny's Child. Really, all these stars can be heard in her vocals, flexible enough to jump from soul music a la "Motown" in Terry Europop, and then to r'n ' B.

Want to understand than Ariana Grande different from Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Iggy Azaleas and many "Singing cowards"? Listen to the song Break Your Heart Right Back-it will give you an idea. The Ariana is committed to ensuring that the public is primarily valued her music before her outfits and her sexuality. Well, if you take into consideration that My Everything topped the charts in six countries, has managed to achieve its. Grande Perhaps her songs and would not pass the test of time, but for now, for the "here and now" is what we need.

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Genres: Pop, R'n'B, Soul

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Ariana Grande
My Everything

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