Asking Alexandria
The Black

LP was sufficiently conservative...

Asking Alexandria released a new studio work called The Black. The album was released on March 25, and contains 12 tracks, which took place on Sumerian Records.

British gang from York produced a fresh album, which took 4 place in the discography of the band. Interestingly, in The Black as the new vocalist, debuting on Denis Shaforostov. Freshly baked perfectly fits the frontman series formations on vocal timbre very reminiscent of former vocalist Danny Worsnop, so that the entire guard fans will stay happy.

Equipped with 12 tracks of the style are also faithful to the original views of the musicians and are a blend of metalcore and post-hardcore. I would like to say unequivocally that it is time to bring in album 4 your music something new and experiment, but LP was quite conservative in this regard. Perhaps the only innovation, and the relative is a track called Just a Slave to Rock'n'Roll, that its sounding pays tribute to hard rock old school.

The Black is an excellent combination of breakdowns, lyrical parties with deep and sensual vocals and a very cheerful guitar riffs. Longplay without shame takes its place in the discography of the band and will satisfy most fans Asking Alexandria, but unfortunately we are not offering anything new. Perhaps for musical innovation time has not yet come. Pleasant listening!

29.03.2016 19:25:19

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Asking Alexandria
The Black

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