Fishing Blues

The album will give pleasure to all lovers of hip-hop...

Atmosphere released a new album entitled Fishing Blues. The album was released 12 August at Rhymesayers Entertainment and consists of 18 tracks.

American hip hop duo released their 11-th studio work. History of collective far goes to the roots of hip-hop/rap music and it's great you can feel and fresh studio disc Atmosphere. In addition, Fishing Blues shows and partly all new things that are happening in the genre at the moment.

Fishing Blues fairly heavy work. The duration of the album is a little more than 68 minutes, but this in no way affects the quality of the album. Yes, the disc is heard several prolonged, but she is so diverse within one style that wonder how it's at all possible. Among the guests Fishing Blues can be noted artists such as Dem Atlas, Doom, Kool Keith, The Grouch and not only.

This emotional promise is felt in each composition. Production, in general, extremely good and radiates the experience and professionalism of authors. It's also interesting to note that Fishing Blues is presented in two versions, with regard to the lyrics - this is the original version, not devoid of sound effect, as well as so-called clean version where all lyrics performed according to strict radio format.

Atmosphere released an excellent studio disc, titled Fishing Blues, which definitely will bring pleasure to all lovers of hip-hop and just music that not only shakes, but bears some promise. Pleasant listening!

10.10.2016 23:12:52
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

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Fishing Blues

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