Avantasia climbed another rung of professionalism...

Ghostlights has released a new studio album, which was released January 29 through Nuclear Blast Records. The album contains 13 fresh songs.

German music formation that survived not one division and reunification, has released its new studio work since the last time project. Silly talk about the contribution made by Avantasia in development of heavy music scene at home, so let's fast forward to discuss directly Ghostlights.

3 years have passed since the release of previous plates of the Germans, where they once again grew as musicians and showed a whole new level and sound. Ghostlights, in turn, became a kind of an extension of this, where heavy climbed another rung of professionalism. The tracks are full of variety and extensive range of sounding guitar and the rhythm section from track to track, performs the trick with its thoroughness and the understanding of the case. And in a measure of the high vocals from Tobias Sammet, will delight even the choosiest listener.

The style, the group remained in the same place, combining heavy metal, %power meta%l and classic sample. Remained in the arsenal of Avantasia and notes from progressive metal.

Ghostlights from Avantasia will like all fans of old school in modern metal processing. New compositions, though and have a whole era and the history of previous merit, but fundamentally sound fresh, heralding new beginnings long team.

20.02.2016 10:40:21

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