With each new repeat plate, you'll be guaranteed to discover something new...

Babylonia released a new longplay, whose name is Multidimensional. The album includes 13 new tracks, which took place on 30 October on Smilax Publishing Srl.

Today we'll talk about Italian musical duo from Milan Babylonia. I don't want to put off such essential words for later, so immediately say that Multidimensional, actually like authors themselves, will be of interest to fans of bands such as Depeche Mode, a-ha, as a creative influence those vibes formations on Babylonia had in varying degrees.

Staffed with 13 songs performed at the junction of pop and electronic, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Dance rhythms of the phonograph records the clearest representation of the track Back to You, by the way, I would like to say that after the first listen, LP gave the impression that this is the strongest track all understandings on Multidimensional. But this is not the case. Fresh release from Milan is intended entirely for a cursory acquaintance with every new repeat plate, you'll be guaranteed to discover something new.

All vocals on Multidimensional are performed in conventional English, and even despite its geographical roots, all done on a solid five. Babylonia release truly hands-free work that attracts everyone, even their things, starting from the musical content, ending with such details as the cover of the LP.

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