Metal Resistance

Japanese gangs always extravagance material...

BABYMETAL released a new Studio disc titled Metal Resistance. Longplay was released 1 April to Amuse Inc. and contains 12 tracks.

A unique symbiosis of popular media persons, referred to as idols in Japan, and this modern metal, release second full-length album. Japanese gangs always extravagance material and external appearance, and girl's trio BABYMETAL confirmation of this.

Vashemu vnimaniyu 12 completely different, ogoltelyh and maximally dynamic tracks. Indeed stylistically Metal Resistance could be described as j-metal, but here are also present and heavy metal, electronic, alternative metal, and this is not all. Very surprised at the Metal Resistance of modern metal arrangements that can be heard in the song KARATE.

All fresh tracks, which were included in the second longplay singers, tucked under the pseudonym BABYMETAL, performed in his native Japanese. The only exception is the final song of The One plate.

BABYMETAL with its fresh studio work Metal Resistance covered so much musical palette that most likely there will be no listener who will not find for themselves in the new album something for yourself. A humorous subtext that is made at such a high level that most other bands on the background of BABYMETAL can easily catapult. Pleasant listening!

14.04.2016 13:03:15

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Metal Resistance

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