Bad Seed Rising
Awake In Color

A good and enjoyable album...

Bad Seed Rising released a new album called Awake In Color. It was released on Roadrunner Records on September 30 and has 10 songs.

Debut full album from the youngest band via Roadrunner Records. Awake In Color is primarily a very successful album in the context of alternative metal and alternative rock. It is noteworthy that the Bad Seed Falling where you managed to withstand sharp borders of genres, and where there is freedom of action in small are experimenting with extreme vocals and flowing from there. Attractive sound Bad Seed Falling and they Awake In Color it does not merit instrumental, rather it only partly. For the rest, it is worth thank good female vocals, which is quite versatile, good sound, and Roadrunner Records.

Awake In Color has enough good ideas and their implementation. You guys have the makings to experiments that can give greater success, but on his debut disc, this extremely, almost disastrously low for the year 2016. In the end we got a good and enjoyable album, but nothing more. It turned out that Awake In Color not faceless work, she has a distinctive face that outdated ten years exactly. An avid conservatives clearly pushed the plate, but the rest will have to hope that in the future, Bad Seed Falling will no longer shy, creative impulse will not interfere with a contract with a major label, and they start more experimenting. Pleasant listening!

14.11.2016 09:29:45

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Bad Seed Rising
Awake In Color

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