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Bassnectar released his latest album which was called Unlimited. The album consists of 15 tracks, which took place on 17 June in the Amorphous Music.

Lorin Ashton, better known under his pseudonym, Bassnectar creative earlier this summer decided to unveil in front of his faithful audience what he worked last year. Studio album Unlimited is a musical collage, which largely can be called unlimited, specifically the musical aspect. The author drew its inspiration from where possible, with the words the Bassnectar, when working over this longplay he felt a true artist that does excellent work.

Unlimited in its style resembles a mix of electronic, dubstep, glitch, as well as downtempo and even trip hop. Among the guest musicians and performers want to mention Taylor Lafa, Gnar Gnar Macntaj and many others. Longplay released could not be more differe, and it will be interesting not only to a specific layer listeners, but also many audiophiles who enjoy creative diversity.

Bassnectar with his album Unlimited is ready to continue to amaze with their unusual creative thoughts, diverse musical variation, as well as the unusual filing material that confused with anyone, it is simply impossible. Good disc from a serious artist. Pleasant listening!

06.07.2016 12:59:16

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