Баста и Смоки Мо

Most of the tracks on obŝefilosofskim issues with lyrical reflections of...

The first album of the new year were the fruit of many years of work by two of the most charismatic representatives of domestic rap. Joint release from Basta and smoky Mo have been waiting for a long time. Artist not just colleagues and Associates, the creative shop, they are great friends. The first news, the album has been out of the video for the track "stone flowers", which later became the chorus performed by the beloved singer-Elena Vaenga. Composition and adaptation is reflected love both artists to the cultural capital of Russia.

Most of the tracks on obŝefilosofskim issues with lyrical reflections Basil Vakulenko and branded insane interpretation of Smokey Malls. This was the song "faith", where rappers focus on the significance of the human as such and what he believes. There is place on the album, kačevym and rhythmic tracks. This turned out to be "no one expected", with artists tossing the listener without affecting the meaning.

Not tough social problems and the party rappers mention their origin from the bottoms of the social hierarchy. The album is undoubtedly will appeal and will provide food for thought for everyone: from the faithful fans of the performers, to those who randomly hears one of the tracks in the Broadcasting Act.

04.01.2015 16:50:21
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

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Баста и Смоки Мо

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