Wild World

If you can not live without the British atmosphere...

Wild World has become the new longpleem for the Bastille. The album was released by Virgin Records on September 9 and consists of 19 tracks.

United Kingdom has always been notable for their excellent orchestras, and is our present discussion object, or rather their second full-length album. Longplay Wild World opens its doors through which you go into a long musical journey, from which, perhaps even tired. Yes, 19 already track that quite a lot. Despite the softness of the album, a pleasant melody, great vocals and unobtrusive, about to track titled Way Beyond frankly get tired.

It is impossible to say exactly what the album turned out to be unsuccessful, just there are two nuances. The style of the group is too narrow for such a large number of compositions and the number of songs is not suitable for style Bastille. Incidentally, it is worth noting that the staff, as well as earlier composers shows off his skills in indie pop and electropop.

Total LP was fairly entertaining, but only for fans of the band, or specifically the style. All common bum around Wild World, in our humble opinion, is a bit brighter. Wild World good balanced studio work, but no more. However, if you can't live without the British atmosphere and inclined to a different kind of indie performers and groups, fresh work from the Bastille. Pleasant listening!

04.10.2016 13:07:26

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Wild World

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