Habitual Love Songs

Each prepared track laid out in detail...

Battleme released fresh release, which received the name of Habitual Love Songs. The album is presented in the form of 12 songs, which took place January 15 at Need Some Songs.

Matt Drenik, better known under his pseudonym, Battleme creative released his eighth studio work. It should be noted that Battleme largely known for his compositions, which became the official soundtracks to certain movies and tv series, and special popularity came to the author after his songs were included in the tv series Sons Of Anarchy. But it all lyrics, and today on the agenda fresh work Habitual Love Songs.

On longplay, the musician continues to skillfully combine the styles of music such as alternative rock and indie. Habitual Love Songs, perhaps, was the turning point in the history of the plate of creativity of the author. On this release, completely departed from Battleme folk side in favor of other styles. Although, frankly, folk album, can only be read debut Battleme.

Habitual Love Songs will allow all participants to look at Battleme at a different angle and draw attention to the fact that Matt Drenik, it seems, still gained the present itself. Each prepared track laid out in detail. By the way, will the plate worked on Brother Matt Drenik. Habitual Love Songs can be called present rock'n'roll modernity with his drive and pressure. A new story begins exactly Battleme here, because now it's not one person's musical project, and the full team, where everyone takes his honorable position.

22.01.2016 08:51:29

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Habitual Love Songs

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