Melodic, intertwined with the aggression of hardcore, gives up hodgepodge...

Beartooth release new studio work, which was called Disgusting. Delux version of the disc has 16 tracks, which took place at Red Bull Records at the end of last year - 25 December.

Ex-team leader Attack Attack! Caleb Shomo acquired new release with his band. During the release of the first EP album, Shomo labored alone, recording all instruments and vocals in particular. Seriously Disgusting vary with the past, since here Beartooth evolved from musical project into a full-fledged team in which each member was involved in writing material. On the occasions and the leader of the Beartooth. It should be noted that even though this is, fundamentally, nothing has changed.

Disgusting sang with new colors. In addition to all of your favorite, or not so, added a real hardcore metalcore with small, purely symbolic elements of punk. It presents a peculiar, perhaps even sloppy sound and some instrumental passages.

Delux version of the disc contains some surprises for most faithful fans. Namely, a live version of the track Blitzkrieg Bop, a few new songs and so-called Low Gain Mix version of the title hit LP The Lines. Low Gain Mix under a revised scheme implies songs, simplified and radio formatted, with accompanying sound.

As for the debut album, Disgusting, you can almost bet the highest mark. Great stuff for fans of the genre. The lion's share of melodic, intertwined with moderate aggression of hardcore, gives up and, almost always, win-win musical hodgepodge. The only thing lacked for completeness of sensations, is more high-quality sound. However, all fans of the genre are recommended. Pleasant listening!

14.01.2016 10:01:45

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