That Thing Reality

Disc from the duo Beau leaves pleasant memories...

Beau release album called Reality That Thing. The album consists of 12 tracks, which took place at Sony Music Entertainment on March 11.

The Reality that Thing for two young girls who hide under the creative name Beau, became the debut album. An unusual feeling when visual perception somewhat at odds with, in our case, the studio disc. For the first time getting acquainted with Beau and their creativity, looking at the cover That Thing Reality there is charm, all inside of which is known only to the French. Contrary to all expectations, first compositing Thing Reality meet us heavy fire a bit carefree, lounge and frantic indie rock.

It is difficult to believe, but the situation does not change until the mid. With the advent of the Oceans songs, which disclosed, perhaps the whole lyric constituent of the album, balance and further confuse the listener. Here, concerning Oceans, track I want to mention a couple of additional points. This is the quintessence of a whole composition heard in an entirely different format. You can say exactly what Beau go more dynamic themes, but specifically here they opened all the themes of the European sound, which could not reveal during the first half of the LP.

That Thing makes you think of Reality and experience of misunderstanding the situation. Disc from the duo Beau leaves pleasant memories that don't go out of your head for a long time. The Reality that Thing like it as people who simply enjoy quality music, and those who like to analyze what is happening.

26.03.2016 18:09:47

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That Thing Reality

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