LP was incredibly balanced...

Behaviors released a new disc on October 13 of the same name. The album includes 10 songs, which occurred on his own label collective.

Musical Quartet from New York released his first full-scale work, through which all the forces trying to win the love of the public. Interestingly, despite the glut of such genre as indie rock, very young team, which began its work in 2013, rather skillfully managed to squeeze into this path. Same work Behaviors such as simple and vivid, like ease many love.

The behaviors do not go around and begin to pursue their musical dialogue with the audience immediately, without further preludes. Signing a Deal composition nice sets a slow rhythm, which will continue to longplay. LP Behaviors have an incredibly balanced. We mean that the song extremely smoothly flows into another song, and so until the final. Slightly different track called Demystify My Love, but it's the little things. Select something special for the Behaviors also fails. A plaque bearing the New York team turned out to be not that is not notable, simply too lazy and flat, where there are almost no hits. All the tracks are good, but not a candidate.

Behaviors with their new studio album should enjoy the genre fans for their dedication to their style. Pleasant listening!

17.12.2016 13:40:47

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