Benjamin Clementine
At Least for Now

Benjamin Clementine was able to make high-quality and easily perceived music...

Benjamin Clementine released version delux of the disc under the title At Least for Now. The extended edition contains 15 tracks, which took place on 8 April at Maison Barclay.

After two great EP album, hands Benjamin Clementine finally reached the full LP. To say that the album exceeded all expectations-nothing to say. Benjamin Clementine several years ago established himself as an artist, which is doing in very unusual genres and totally given to the creative impulse and emotion.

The delux version At Least for Now found refuge art rock, chamber pop, world/folk and a little avant-garde. We are confident that virtually every one of you haven't heard of anything similar! Benjamin Clementine has absorbed the best of all the styles, added a pinch of professionalism and own handwriting and flavored it with their poetic delights.

Interestingly, Benjamin Clementine is the only composer and performer of his songs. At Least for Now except for classical instruments, you can enjoy the sound of keyboards and even brass section.

Despite all prejudices, Benjamin Clementine managed to make not only high-quality and easily perceived music, but also professional and also not without touches of modernity. At Least for Now will be interesting as simple listeners and musicians. Highly recommend!

19.04.2016 14:49:52

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Benjamin Clementine
At Least for Now

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