Berner tries to break through to the top of the scene...

Hempire became Berner fresh album, which was released April 1 in Bern One Entertainment. Longplay includes 18 tracks.

Today we have on our agenda a strong link of hip-hop/rap industry, which is trying to break through to the top of the scene. For such a serious campaign of musician release longplay Hempire, which today will be discussed.

First of all, when we first met with Hempire, conspicuous number of feats and in fact, those guest artists, which invited Sam Berner. Among the guests, stands alone to mention young and charismatic Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and star B-Real with whom Berner already produced joint small studio work.

Composition titled Best Thang Smokin exceptional reveals all ideological component of the album, and if you still don't understand what's wrong, take a look at the cover, carefully decorating Hempire. By the way, specifically the track is one of the few representatives of hip-hop/rap culture of the early and mid 2000 on fresh work. In order to bring clarity to the situation, we recommend that you also pay attention to the song Burn One. Here Sam Berner on par with Quez & Strap tries herself in modern hip-hop twist.

In general, for their album Fool Hempire demonstrates a genuine interest in their own development, as well as gives us all a good and most importantly groove music. Pleasant listening!

11.04.2016 12:14:33
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

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