Betty Black
Valley Low

Alarming and lures their originality...

Valley Low became Betty Black new album, which was released on Pink Music February 12 this year. The album includes 11 tracks.

For the enigmatic creative pseudonym Betty Black, hiding Sylvia Black - only and constant participant of this musical project. It is a generator of ideas, which we later can read and get genuine pleasure. To sum up this point, I would like to note that the record Low Valley involved, except for the Black, a couple of professional and talented musicians whose names remain unknown.

First and foremost, Valley Low alarming and, at the same time, lures its originality. The fact is that the fresh disc, Sylvia Black and company have managed to combine elements of stylistic branches as indie rock, pop, new wave, electronic items and even psychedelic rock. From insane diversity of musical palette just literally head spin already after the first track, which opens the album. Meanwhile, the song Come Back Lover, is one of the most hit so fresh, and the subsequent longplay, the same product just takes you into space. Guitar Phaser and loveable Sylvia Black voice in symbiosis do their thing.

In general, the Valley Low from Betty Black maximum deserves your attention, but only if you really are good quality music. Pleasant listening!

29.02.2016 12:18:14

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Betty Black
Valley Low

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