Biffy Clyro
Ellipsis (Deluxe)

Simple enough and hit the disc...

Biffy Clyro have released new longplay, called an Ellipsis. Delux version of the album was issued on 8 July, 14th Floor Records and contains 13 tracks.

For the ambitious team from Scotland became the seventh studio album by an Ellipsis, which already in absentia appeared particularly pleased countless throng of fans.

Finally moving away from the original couple's stylistics albums so ago guys from Biffy Clyro thoroughly committed to conquering the scenes alternative rock and electronic rock. Echoes of the past to an Ellipsis definitely felt. Take only into consideration the song Wolves of Winter, which is though quite mild but very complex structure and dimensions. Sometimes this can be felt in other compositions, but the professionalism of the gang at a level that everyone obeys exactly, quickly and easily. Incidentally longplay turned out insufficiently short. Total duration of the disc is about 39 minutes. In all other respects an Ellipsis is quite simple and the hit album that does not even radio format. On an Ellipsis can be heard as Biffy Clyro have interpreted such a notion as alternative rock.

In fact, within the framework of an Ellipsis plates you can hear all the same favorite you Biffy Clyro who were ready to again settle in your player for a long time with a handful of new and painfully steep tracks. Excellent work from the famous team. Pleasant listening!

26.08.2016 12:41:41

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