Billy Talent
Afraid of Heights

On the disc is hovering light and extremely friendly atmosphere...

Afraid of Heights became a new plate for Billy Talent. The album was released on July 29 on The End Records and consists of 12 songs.

For Canadian rockers Billy Talent Afraid of Heights is the fifth Studio album in the discography. It should be noted at once that, firstly, longplay was indeed a welcome, and secondly no one from Billy Talent anything groundbreaking by and large and not waited. So actually happened. Guys Afraid of Heights again demonstrated excellent alternative rock, which still blends with punk rock.

On the disc is hovering light and extremely friendly atmosphere, songs, staffed in Afraid of Heights, rush fast enough, although in some places there is ridiculous slow tracks. Still to Afraid of Heights, as in previous albums, influenced by classical ensembles, but brand handwriting musicians remained unchanged. Perhaps someone would like to hear something truly new in the fresh album of Canadian musicians, but Billy Talent stayed true to itself and its traditions. So if you like the previous creativity Billy Talent, Afraid of Heights definitely does not disappoint.

Billy Talent released classic longplay, which is good on many factors. An excellent disc from professionals. Pleasant listening!

06.09.2016 16:46:04

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Billy Talent
Afraid of Heights

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