Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies turned the contrast and captivating work...

Beautiful Lies was Birdy fresh longpleem, which was released by Atlantic Records on March 25. Delux version of the disc contains 19 songs.

19-year-old singer from the uk produced the work, which took third place in the discography of the singer. Immediately I want to mention that Beautiful mature and thought-out Lies EP, precocious. Birdy is the only composer of his musical themes, so it is doubly commendable.

Stylistic Strip album ranges from indie pop to indie rock and indie folk. Beautiful Lies, like virtually all creativity Birdy itself something like Florence + The Machine and William Fitzsimmons, the only places in the softer and pop directional format.

All the tracks are good in their own way. The title of the most lyrical compositions, in our opinion, gets a song called Deep End and composition. Sensual vocals and keyboards do not shoot down you and even when a language barrier, you can easily capture the promise of musical themes. Hit all the stations from Birdy can be called Keeping Your Head Up, with its optimistic motive and good will.

Beautiful Lies turned the contrast plate in mood, but from the fact and captivating. You can only compare studio work with gorgeous flower from the garden of abundance.

Beautiful Lies by Birdy have to your taste, if you like simple, but a variety of music. Tunes included in Beautiful Lies will not leave you indifferent, guarantee. Pleasant listening.

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Beautiful Lies

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