Actions Speak Louder Then Words

Meets the listener enough aggressive feeding...

Bishop released his latest studio work, which has received the name Speak Louder Then Words Actions. It was released on Rock-n-Roland Records 6 June and consists of 12 compositions.

The young and ambitious hip-hop/rap and r'n'b artist Bishop published her new disc, code-named Actions Speak Louder Then Words.

Actions Speak Louder Then Words meets its audience enough aggressive serving, powerful, albeit a fairly standard bits and quite good. It is enough epic to Make Me Stay composition, recorded together with David Watson sets the average pace for the entire disc. The following composition deserves special attention. Just a Dream straight from the streets of Philadelphia is ready to rock directly from couplet, and chorus, which corresponded to the Sima Young, introduced the lyrical tunes in an extremely aggressive Bishop. The title of the most soft and radio format songs, in our humble opinion, deserves a song entitled What we've Done, which was established together with Julz and Slaughter Rico. As many have noticed, on Actions Speak Louder Then Words there was a place for many fitov, and not the most stellar, but distinctive and memorable.

Bishop with his studio work Actions Speak Louder Then Words will make a proper serving of diversity in life of those listeners, that the soul of unusual rhythms of hip-hop/rap and r'n'b music. Decent work from a professional artist. Pleasant listening!

1. Make Me Stay (feat. David Watson) (03:55)
2. Just a Dream (feat. Sima Young) (02:47)
3. Chain React (feat. Mackie) (03:17)
4. What We've Done (feat. Julz & Slaughter Rico) (06:04)
5. D.A.M.N. (feat. Nedra) (04:08)
6. Love (03:44)
7. Can't Find Us (03:54)
8. Light Will Shine (feat. Jaela Qui) (03:38)
9. Leave Me Alone (03:02)
10. Wanted Poster (feat. Chief Stacks) (03:29)
11. Zone (feat. Operation Bulldoze) (03:15)
12. My Shhh Better (feat. Matajical Bines) (03:12)
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05.07.2016 18:01:44

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Actions Speak Louder Then Words

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