Witch Cult Ternion

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Blackthorn released a new release titled Witch Cult Ternion. Longplay consists of 18 songs, which took place on 20 December, on his own label collective.

For the band from Moscow, Witch Cult Ternion became not the first studio work. The beginning of the group was launched in early 2000, but the interesting thing is that from the plate to plate, the group demonstrates important progress, the top of which was on the subject of our conversation with you today.

Blackthorn - diamonds of russian metal scene. For a start, it is worth noting that group entirely composed of girls, despite the orthodoxy of the genre. With regard to points of style album, it stands out a few most important elements, namely, symphonic metal, which has blanketed the greater part of the Witch Cult Ternion. In addition to the album there is gothic metal and the rest a little at a time.

Despite the fact that representatives of Blackthorn patriotic scene, as mentioned earlier, all lyrics, performed in English. As regards instrumental, all fans of innovative solutions will be delighted. Here you and classical sounding guitars, in terms of metal, metal drum, uterine vocals and the lion's share of symphonic arrangements, which are not dispensed with the violin. Music on the Witch Cult Ternion rich and distinctive.

If you love beautiful, scandalous and pompous metal, with all its aesthetics, the girls of Blackthorn, with their latest longplay, necessarily like you.

30.01.2016 06:55:12

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Witch Cult Ternion

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