Blake Shelton
If I'm Honest

Life-affirming studio recording bring you inspiration...

If I'm Honest for Blake Shelton new studio record, which first saw the light of day on May 20 and released on Warner Bros. Records in the amount of 15 tracks.

For the musician and star of blue screens Blake Shelton If I'm Honest became jubilee, 10-th studio work and for simple listeners, this means that it's time to read and enjoy high-quality country music from a very influential author.

39-year-old musician has prepared for us all 15 songs that are filled with candid history, sincerity and real, genuine emotions. It should be noted at once that If I'm Honest was attended by stars such as Gwen Stefani, on the song Go Ahead and Break My Heart, as well as The Oak Ridge Boys, on Doing It to County Songs.

It just so happened that highlight certain favorites among the entire pack tracks turned out to be impossible, because absolutely every song deserves your attention and the album must be heard in full and in the same order as the author tells us. 15 songs rush fast enough and not prolonged, so you are likely to want to listen to the disc several times.

Life-affirming studio recording from Blake Shelton will bring you inspiration for new achievements, and will delight you with their good and slightly naïve fluids. Good job for all fans of country music.

10.06.2016 17:16:08
Genres: Country, Pop

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Blake Shelton
If I'm Honest

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