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Included lots of interesting ideas...

Blind Channel released a new studio disc called Revolutions. The album consists of 11 songs, which occurred on September 29 Ranka Kustannus.

For Blind Channel Revolutions was not the first disc in the history, but, once again, clearly audible, that ardor musicians nor per gram is not quenched. Hot Finnish guys this time recorded 11 cheerful tracks whose style can be described as a combination of alternative metal and rapcore, that at the moment the big rarity.

From this perspective, Revolutions heard somehow special fresh. Long forgotten filing quickly pops up in the mind and literally from the first music pleases the ear. However, despite its name, the longplee revolution never happened. First, a little depressing english texts, but rather the emphasis with which they played. Here it is too thick, it is especially crucial in the beginning of the album. And secondly, the material, which can not be called revolutionary and fresh.

Despite this disc to listen to nice enough and sometimes even more than that. Good sound, decent riffs and classical arrangements of fans of the genre will not be accurately bored. In addition, small blotches alternative rock and electronic, heard on track Deja FU** attach the severity of sound LP.

Blind Channel with its new Studio album Revolutions should be of interest to a lot of music fans all over the world. Included lots of interesting ideas that got a decent implementation, recommend. Pleasant listening!

05.12.2016 14:14:52

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Blind Channel

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