Bob Dylan
Fallen Angels

Has the ineffable charm and superb sound...

Bob Dylan has released the fresh disc titled Fallen Angels. The album saw the light of day may 20 at Columbia Records and consists of 12 compositions.

For the legendary musician and author of the imperishable songs, Fallen Angels became the 37 studio work. Surprisingly to many, the past few years give good creative fruit for Bob Dylan. Musician tirelessly continues to delight fans of fresh creativity and do not grâznet in the abyss of modernity.

Stylistically, Fallen Angels, virtually, as before, is reminiscent of such classical fusion genres like pop, rock, with elements of folk rock.

Fallen Angels has ineffable charm and superb sound. While listening to the LP we mentally moved on a few good dozen back in the era of Cadillacs and expensive suits. Surprisingly, Bob Dylan has once again managed to recreate this kind of musical material that could not be directly compared with previous works. Included songs are quite distinctive and inimitable, they should be interesting not only avid fans of Bob Dylan, but also the listeners who simply appreciate the high quality of universally recognized masters.

Bob Dylan with his fresh studio album Fallen Angels ready to dilute your languid pastime excellent, and most importantly, fresh songs, many of which definitely fall into your own personal, often listening playlist.

10.06.2016 14:19:26

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Bob Dylan
Fallen Angels

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