Bon Jovi
Burning Bridges

Bon Jovi can do a quality product that sounds like listeners...

Bon Jovi released fresh album titled Burning Bridges. Release of the disc, which consists of 10 tracks, took place on August 21 at Mercury Records.

Having survived three collapse and three reunions, Bon Jovi like eternal engine, which is not going to pass up. The album Burning Bridges waited many, many buried group after learning that a permanent guitarist Richie Sambora left the band. Anyway, the band recorded a disc completely without it.

Sambora on par with Jon Bon Jovi, some twenty years has created a unique sound and penmanship adreas however, Burning Bridges sounds as if Sambora nowhere and never left. Nice, popularly known as the "tube sound" remained and it is especially heard in the compositions of Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning.

Speaking generally about Burning Bridges and ignore squabbles around the change of parties, the work turned out to be competent. Of course, Bon Jovi sounds somewhat differently, but his chip musicians did manage to save, so fans who waited with impatience, can immediately be sent to the listening LP. Of the downsides is that you can highlight a drab, but alas, it's not really a problem.

Those who are familiar with the team for a long time, probably a sandbank at every new album the musicians not averse to adding tinges of other genres. So continuing this theme, we dare to assume that listeners who are crazy about country music, definitely find that very fine at Burning Bridges.

Anyway, Bon Jovi can do a quality product that sounds like listeners - this is the most important thing.

27.08.2015 04:37:52
Genres: Rock, Pop Rock

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Bon Jovi
Burning Bridges

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