Winter Thrice

Winter Thrice attracts with its depth and philosophy...

Borknagar fresh studio longplay, which was given the name Winter Thrice. The album consists of 8 tracks, which took place on 22 January at Century Media Records.

The Jubilee tenth disc released by musicians from Bergen in Norway. Borknagar is one of those bands that do not create around themselves a blank sensation, and speak only in the case if the pay attention, then absolutely deserved.

First Borknagar and their remarkable new work that carries many original thoughts and composer moves. One of them is a killer combination of progressive metal with a typical style for Northern peoples - black metal. In addition, you can clearly hear the longplee elements of this genre, as folk metal. Folk component of the plate is etched as in the music itself, but rather in modest quantities, and in the lyrics where she is best revealed.

The text portion of the Winter Thrice attracts with its depth and philosophy that is quite typical for the tool part of the album. The combination of such unusual metal genres, gives a very fresh sound that definitely liking the most devoted and experienced fans of heavy music. In Winter many melodic moments Thrice grabs more pure and rich vocals, guitar solos and acoustic losses. As well as complex structures that are characteristic of progressive metal. Well, from black metal to Winter Thrice present fury, metal drum, extreme vocals and the full flavor of the North.

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Winter Thrice

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