Scary Creatures

Each time notes the heavy metal was getting bigger...

Brainstorm released a new disc called Scary Creatures. The album consists of 10 tracks, which took place January 15 at AFM Records.

The pioneers of the German power metal, which are more than 25 years on the scene, released their 11-th studio work. The Scary Creatures, actually, there is something to marvel at. When was tedious waiting for fresh album, matured in the image album. His presentation seemed to be truthful at all one hundred percent because Brainstorm delight creativity with the year 1989 and doing it on the beaten path. The last few albums in music Brainstorm began zipping tunes of classic heavy metal, and each time these notes became more and more. Scary Creatures already and not turn language called an outstanding power metal. Rather, already merged the two genres, without unnecessary pathos.

10 songs, included in the Scary Creatures is unequivocally better than the previous few albums, in all respects, from the composer's ideas and ending with its implementation. The disc is really astounding that the musicians have succeeded this time outdo themselves. Among all the songs almost there is no weak link. All tracks were collected, each of them occupies a niche with pride and confidence that will get positive feedback from fans.

Scary Creatures from the Brainstorm will enjoy not only the fans of the band, but simply fans of heavy and old school music, which can compete with opponents at a decent level.

20.01.2016 18:00:45

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Scary Creatures

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