Brock Landers
Introducing Block Landers

Emphasis on diversity in all understandings of the word...

Brock Landers have released fresh album, called Introducing Block Landers. The album consists of 10 new songs, which took place on 3 September at Pacific Ridge Records.

Gentlemen from New Jersey released an interesting musical work that we, in turn, simply cannot ignore. For American musicians longplay Introducing Block Landers became absolute debut work, which guys have shown their intentions and maximum quality come to realize their ideas. The album is rich in musical delights and various stylistic branch. To you little amounted to picture in your head, imagine that combined progressive rock, math rock and elements of fusion in a single release. And now the abstract and add the motley musical picture of the saxophone. Interestingly, this tool for Introducing Block with enough Landers and musicians like magicians expertly added its stunning sound in common guitar sound.

With regard to material in general, here the emphasis is on the diversity of all understandings of the term, ranging from the number of musical instruments, ending by melodies. Would be inexcusable roughness to divide each track mentally on riffs or small pieces. Each track is a clearly thought - out overall picture, lots of melodies for the whole period of a particular song just does not repeat, that's crazy smart every fan of music.

03.10.2015 18:03:54

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Brock Landers
Introducing Block Landers

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