Slow Death

Virtually all focuses on atmosphere compositions...

Carnifex released a new longplay, entitled Slow Death. The album was released through Nuclear Blast on August 5 and consists of 10 songs.

Known gang from California released its sixth full studio album. Leaving in sabbatical 2013 musicians and not think deduct turnovers. With every new album Carnifex felt an increasing impact of such musical phenomena as black metal. Perhaps, it is Slow Death apogee of this fact and occurred. The Slow Death was taken as the basis and out deathcoredeath metal, which was supplemented by a rich atmosphere of black metal.

Carnifex all forces are trying to move away from focusing on other out deathcore stylistic mark. Each time the team it is a great success, but not to the end. Obsolete breakdowns, from which all tired yet in 2012 year, found their place and on the album the year 2016. Nevertheless, almost all focuses on atmosphere compositions, as well as speed and performance technique. Vocal band leader after Scott Lewis is perfect for the slightly revamped style gangs and obeys very organically.

If you like an interesting mix of death metal and black metal, with hints of relatively fresh out deathcore genre, it is highly recommended to pay attention to fresh Carnifex album titled Slow Death. On the disc, you will find a lot of interesting things. Pleasant listening!

10.10.2016 09:33:41

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Slow Death

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