Between Dreams

Cheshire put in each separate track of particular promise...

Cheshire release fresh longplay, which was called Between Dreams. The album includes 12 songs, which took place on 27 November at the Omelette.

Came second full work from electronic musician Cheshire. It is said that unlike the debut album The Remixes, which included remixes by various famous compositions Between Dreams fully work of authorship.

Comparing, again with the previous merits, Cheshire in Between Dreams shows his skill in such genres as glitch-hop with elements of classical music, namely, funk and soul. Stands alone say that Between Dreams from Cheshire it is much better. The author, despite the fact that The Remixes was released also this year, in such a short time is noticeably improved their composers skills, so fans will appreciate instantly. LP was varied not only due to the wide spread styles. Cheshire put in each separate track of particular promise, realize that you can only inspired composition and its straying to my heart.

The unusual stylistic mix under the strict guidance of professional hands will allow you to enjoy high-quality material, which can be traced in the different times of day. Get inspired by the enticing melodies from Cheshire and his fresh studio work Between Dreams and boldly go to conquer this world.

28.12.2015 01:54:50

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Between Dreams

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