The North Corridor

Darkest and heaviest album in the discography trio...

Chevelle released a new studio disc, which was called The North Corridor. Longplay was released by Epic Records on July 8 and has 10 songs.

For American gangs from Chicago of The North Corridor became the 7th 8 full-length album. To say that the long awaited longplay-to say nothing. Turning directly to the substance, it should be noted that The North Corridor, perhaps the darkest and heaviest album in the discography of the famous trio.

The North Corridor meets the present composition called Door to Door Cannibals. This track confidently and powerfully fresh development sets the pace, main riff track sounds though simple but aggressive and too groove. No pronounced chorus on it, but it was not that good, because all the interesting ahead. Next song is located which Enemies even more vigorous in nature, rather than Door to Door Cannibals. Joyride (Omen) turned out to be exactly the same work as the previous two tracks. With the advent of the Rivers plate takes more lyrical turnover, but not significantly. Ambiguous and extremely attractive turned song Punchline. Despite its name, no strike had not occurred, but you can say exactly what song was unusual and not quite typical for the group. And, perhaps, the main hit LP The North Corridor Chevelle left for dessert. A Miracle song peak composer thought the famous trio, gorgeous leitmotif, catchy vocal party and pronounced chorus extols song above all others, who entered in The North Corridor.

Though longplay has turned out not so diverse as many would like, but The North Corridor many interesting tracks, among which everyone will find something for yourself.

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The North Corridor

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