Clare Maguire
Stranger Things Have Happened

A good plate with a slight tinge of melancholy...

Clare Maguire has released its latest studio work, Stranger Things Have Happened. The album saw the light of day may 27 at EMI Records and consists of 12 compositions.

For the British singer and composer, Stranger Things Have Happened is the second full-length work in the history of musical career. Despite a big enough break, which lasted about five years, Clare Maguire still has released the fresh album which is quite different from the debut album.

New 12 songs incorporate all the best that only knows how to Clare Maguire. In its mood of the album quite calm and measured, and its vastness is lined with thoughts from such stylistic branches as pop, soul and electropop.

Stranger Things Have Happened primarily differs from its studio predecessor vocals the Clare Maguire, than you can see throughout, especially want to highlight the song under the name Elizabeth Taylor. Specifically this song can safely settle in your playlist, thanks to their hits and excellent chorus.

In general, the Stranger Things Have Happened came out pretty good with a slight tinge of melancholy. The disc may become as background complements your pastime or main object of your attention. Pleasant listening!

06.06.2016 17:55:24
Genres: Pop, Soul, Electropop

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Clare Maguire
Stranger Things Have Happened

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