Colours will be the object of your inspirations...

Ivory Colours for the new album, which was released on 26 February. The album has 11 songs, which took place on Victory Records.

Among orthodox metal bands of our time, who signed on a well-known label Victory, wormed stunning duo called Colours. On their last studio work today we with you and talk.

First of all, I would like to say that the Colours in his music as a basis for the electropop, which took the juicy mixed with far more than one subgenre. The overall sound, which we can feel the Ivory is comparable only with those magnificent and inimitable colors that can be seen on the cover plate.

11 committed songs when they are listening to send you to the fascinating and enchanting music trip is of the order of 40 minutes.

As an aside, I should say about the compositions titled Monster. It was this song purports to be Lavra title themes Ivory, which would become a hallmark of the musical duo. The explosive chorus will not leave your consciousness long after the auditions, and the keynote will inadvertently played your mouths without getting tired again and again.

If you are looking for something simple, but with this professional, qualitative and with a twist, no doubt Ivory from Colours will become the object of your inspirations and simply will enjoy excellent compositions.

06.03.2016 11:15:11

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