Craig David
Following My Intuition

Music by Craig David started completely new colors...

Craig David released his latest studio work, which was called Following My Intuition. In the Deluxe Edition of the album included 18 tracks, which took place on 30 September on Insanity Records.

English record producer, composer and performer clearly knows how to create music that isn't just going to caress hearing many listeners, but would conform to the trends, and in general the time in which it is born. Following My Intuition took sixth place in the discography of the 35-year-old Craig David.

Since the previous author has been dead for more than six years. Much water has flowed under the bridge since then, and with it the Craig David has revised some views on the general concept of your own music. To change the mix of funk and r'n'b, uk garage and came to r'n'b. It should be noted that this change of course came to face Craig David and his music has played an absolutely other, new colors.

Following My Intuition is fraught with hits and memorable moments. What are the only such songs as When the Bassline Drops, One More Time, and Nothing Like This. Interestingly, the exit Following My Intuition was accompanied by a whopping five singles, who eventually found a place on the new album of the artist.

Craig David with his new longpleem will not leave you indifferent. A gorgeous mix of genres, excellent arrangements and the ease of perception, makes this work one of the most memorable records the last time. Pleasant listening!

08.11.2016 11:59:42
Genres: Pop, R'n'B

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Craig David
Following My Intuition

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