Craig Morgan
A Whole Lot More to Me

The album was released very open and sincere...

A Whole Lot More to Me was for Craig Morgan new studio work, which took place on 3 June on the Black River. The album consists of 12 fresh tracks.

51-year-old artist and just gorgeous music artist Craig Morgan released his pre-jubilee 9-th LP. Though Craig Morgan began to create relatively recently by country music, about 16 years ago, the author has won many hearts her fans with her frank, sincere and quite sensuous music.

A Whole Lot More to Me in addition to the classic country format, reveals the veil another hidden feature success, namely rock. The original elements of this genre made a special variety of new sounding songs in A Whole Lot More to me. as evidence it is worth paying attention to the song entitled Living on the Memories, which performed excellently and all canons.

In the fresh album marked the only one visiting musical guest, namely Mac Powell. Infused them with vocal variety, albeit just one track, it was quite difficult to underestimate, so closer to the middle of the plate you are pleasantly surprised.

Craig Morgan and his latest Studio album A Whole Lot More to Me ready to give good mood and pleasant emotions. The album is extremely open, painfully simple and sincere, but aspiring to the laurels of the winner.

11.07.2016 13:42:24
Genres: Pop, Country, Pop Rock

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Craig Morgan
A Whole Lot More to Me

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