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Retrograde turned melodic, heavy and extremely high quality...

Crown the Empire released a new album called Retrograde. It was released on July 22 on Rise Records and has 11 tracks.

Retrograde took third place in the discography of the American heavy metal band from Dallas. Musicians on a fresh plate does not alter yourself and your creative preferences. Retrograde is a recognizable mix consisting of metalcore, post-hardcore and electronic. Certainly, it is worth noting that in some places, Crown the Empire began to sound somewhat softer than previous works, a great example is the composition of Zero. A track called Hologram, perhaps, will be the main recognizable bastion for all fans of Crown the Empire.

The song with the same name as the Weight of the World, in our opinion, more than any other hints at further creative development group. The Retrograde became considerably less extreme vocals, most of the tracks to occupy the lot and great melodic clean vocals. Most likely, the future Crown the Empire will Frank alternative metal, because the Retrograde have all prerequisites.

Retrograde turned melodic, moderately heavy, extremely high-quality and modern, besides having an excellent production. Retrograde has established an excellent platform for the future development of the group. It is possible that specifically the studio disc will become a new point of departure. Crown the Empire developed from album to album, and this means that the listener in the vast fresh LP don't exactly feel bored. Pleasant listening!

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Crown the Empire

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